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At Higher Self, we partner with people and institutions to achieve the higher purpose in their lives, careers, work teams and leadership roles. The basic premise that informs my work and that of my institutional partners is that all human beings have inbuilt or inherent talents, strengths, and all-round magnificence. It is our calling to partner and co-create with our clients by facilitating the unearthing of all this magnificence so that they can lead lives of clarity of purpose, victory and fulfilment.


Higher Self specialises in Career, Executive and Leadership Training and Coaching and works with tertiary students, job seekers in transition, mid-life career change professionals, executives and leaders using a variety of exciting, value-adding tools and methodologies to achieve their purpose and goals at all levels.

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Higher Self Career and Executive Coaching offers the following coaching programmes:

Career Coaching

Executive Training and Coaching

Leadership Training and Coaching

Labour Advisory Boutique (LAB)

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