Career Change Corner

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.
- Socrates

Career Change Corner

The purpose of the Career Change Corner is to provide a dedicated page for those mid to late life professionals, entrepreneurs and anyone who has spent a significant amount of time pursuing whatever productive endeavour, to get guidance, inspiration, motivation, support and ideas, if they are contemplating a switch.


Higher Self and its network of partners provides plenty of support and experienced HR professionals will be guest blogging to provide advice to those contemplating what is usually a big, scary, life-altering move.


I am a career changer myself so I felt particularly called to provide this platform. I look forward to seeing it grow and meeting those on this exciting and rewarding path.


Introducing the Second Act Blog


The Second Act Blog is a space dedicated to motivating and inspiring people who’ve already invested significant resources building careers that, for many reasons, are not quite working out. In this space there is love, understanding, loads of energy, sound advice, and suggestions and ideas worth thinking about and exploring.


The Blog is about encouraging versatility and creativity and building an ethos of what I call “Dynamic Doing” i.e. a space where individuals can bring all their gifts and talents, skills and strengths to bear. There’s nothing quite like opening that delicious catalogue of magnificence, the full YOU, and developing strategies that help you leverage all these treasures in whatever spaces you choose to play in.


The Second Act Blog celebrates you and your stunning capabilities.


If your age and personal circumstances seem to be a mental barrier standing in the way of you imagining a brand new start or a move to another institution or striking out in self-employment and entrepreneurship, look no further than global icon, Anna Mary Robertson Moses aka Grandma Moses. Grandma Moses provided the inspiration for the 3-part series whose golden thread is: it’s never too late to start over.


On home soil, I found Gogo Nofundile Mayathula-Memani’s story so inspiring! As long as you’re still breathing, anything is possible. There’s also my foundational 6-part Career Change Series which has been previously published in Skills Portal and Finite Magazine.


So please have fun reading, get inspired and let’s engage!


Career Change_Never Too Late to Start Over

Grandma Moses_Career Change Lessons


Foundational 6-part series on Career Change:


Higher Self Articles_Career Change 6 part Series_1

Higher Self Articles_Career Change 6 part Series_2

Higher Self Articles_Career Change 6 part Series_3

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Higher Self Articles_Career Change 6 part Series_5

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